Welcome to the 75th Reapers Regiment™ official website. We are a semi-serious clan and the name is inspired by the 75th Ranger Regiment. We play to have fun, and we play to kick ass, our clan is a mix of various nationalities. We started in Foxhole™ but we also play other games of all genres. At the end of the day we're all here to have fun, and fuck shit up, and always remember Reapers lead the way!™.


1 ). No discussion of politics. Period.

2 ). Respect the Administration and the decisions made.
If you believe something to be unjust or rash, DM Administrative Reapers

3 ). Show respect and kindness to your fellow Reapers™.

4 ). Keep topics relevant to the various text channels.

5 ). You can find channel topics in the channel descriptions

6 ). Do not spam.

7 ). Do not post NSFW or otherwise disturbing content.
Breaking this rule will result in swift and serious punishment.

8 ). All rules broken will result in two warnings. Neglecting to follow
the rules after the warnings will result in disciplinary action.


1 ). Minimum age of 21+.

2 ). Having a Headset/Microphone is a must for communication.

3 ). Be active at least once a week.

Reapers lead the way!™
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